Parkesburg Station

9418-Parkesburg by jacorbett70
9418-Parkesburg, a photo by jacorbett70 on Flickr.

14 responses to “Parkesburg Station

  1. This station is supposed to get a make over soon, but it may not be till 2018

  2. The discussion of the renovations of the station should dominate conversation. The manager or council should be continuously speaking about this and assuming leadership from the borough’s point of view. There is a suspicious lack of dialogue.

  3. What about the Atglen Train Station concept I read about a while back? Is it that both would exist, or is it going to be one or the other? I would find it hard to believe this area would need two stations so close together.

  4. They will decide after the pay the police dept. and see if there’s any money left to fix the train station. We don’t need two. They want it down behind the boro bldg. because that’s the “HUB” not my words, of Parkesburg!!

    • Mel Keen said the owner of the lumber yard wants millions for that property if it gets moved down there, but nobody knows who actually owns that lumber yard that would probably end up as a parking lot. All I can say is that the owner is Tradewinds LLC ( a fake business entity according to the state) and that the address of the owner lives at 619 First Ave in Parkesburg, but isn’t that Mel’s home address? Sounds very fishy to me, and to all the people I showed it to!

    • John, Joey Rzonca’s Tennant, is telling locals of Chestnut Street that the State will be paying Joey Hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase the house and land for a parking lot, when Train Station expands. John is concerned about loosing his housing for him and his family.

  5. I find it funny that someone is being characterized as a tenant , tenants usually pay rent ? Or am I given the wrong definition of a tenant? I also find it interesting that for someone who is so called afraid of loosing their home for his family that he would be out telling everyone about it instead of hurrying up and looking for a new place to live. Funny how the person is still living there and as far as I know he is happy sharing a home and not afraid of loosing it . I would also like to ask if anyone played telephone in school? It teaches us how rumors spread like wild fire and also end become distorted . I hope for the families sake no one would be spreading rumors that would be defamation of character

    • Katy don’t worry about what “ST” says it is obviously either Chris Crockett or Mel Keen hiding behind another fake name in my opinion. We all know that Tradewinds is not a registered business entity, and we know the owner of the lumber yard lives at 619 First Ave.

  6. Hey take care of your growing drug problem before you mask the ever degenerate town.

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