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Senate Approves Bill Strengthening Open Records Law

openrecordsiconHARRISBURG – Legislation to strengthen Pennsylvania’s Open Records Law was unanimously approved today by the Senate, Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi (R-9) said.

Senate Bill 444, introduced by Senator Pileggi, dramatically expands the information available from state-related universities, improves the appeals process for requestors, establishes a new fee structure for commercial requests, and makes other important changes.

“Six years ago, the General Assembly enacted a completely rewritten Open Records Law for Pennsylvania,” said Senator Pileggi, the author of Act 3 of 2008. “That law has provided the public with access to tens of thousands of government documents that would not have been available under the previous law.

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Property tax reform passes hurdle in state Senate

hb_sb_76_full_logoLegislation to eliminate property taxes cleared a key hurdle on Tuesday.

But it looks like time is going to run out before it reaches the finish line.

The bill, which passed out of the Senate Finance Committee in a 6-5 vote, would replace property taxes with higher state sales and income taxes.

Lancaster County Republican Sen. Mike Brubaker, chair of the committee, supported the legislation and urged his colleagues to back the proposal as well.

“Thousands of hours have been spent on this legislation. It’s time that this bill get an up or down vote,” he said during the committee meeting at the Capitol Tuesday morning.

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