Christiana Fire Company seeks support from those it serves

Christiana Fire Company is requesting a combined $30,000-plus in contributions during 2015 from the three municipalities it serves — Sadsbury Township and Christiana and Atglen boroughs.

Erik Lofgren, a captain with the fire company, told Sadsbury Township supervisors Tuesday that the fire company will operate on an $88,000 budget for 2015.

Of that, it is requesting $10,000 from Sadsbury Township, $9,344 from Christiana and $11,264 from Atglen.

The figures include annual donations based on population and contributions for fuel and insurance.

Lofgren said the fire company also is anticipating $3,500 in hall rental revenue, $1,000 from its Ladies Auxiliary, $300 in membership dues from its 55 members and $30,592 from fundraising events.

He said expenses are a challenge because the fire hall’s electric bill alone is $1,200 per month.

“We’re five years ahead on paying off our building loan,” Lofgren said.  “We’re prudent with our money.  We’re not just out there spending.”

Anticipated expenses for 2015 are:  $22,260 for utilities; $26,177 for engine, tanker and fire house loans; $6,500 for insurance; $6,000 for vehicle maintenance; $6,000 for vehicle fuel; $3,000 for equipment purchases; $2,000 for auditors; and $1,500 in attorney fees.

Also, $200 for a post office box rental; $225 for bulk mail; $2,000 for office supplies; $2,000 for winter care; $4,000 for building maintenance; $3,000 for grant writing; $200 for association dues; and $2,938 in miscellaneous expenses.

Supervisors said all three municipalities are considering donation requests during fall budget planning.

* Kim Moore, fire company president, told supervisors that 185 children participated in the fire company’s educational Kids Fire Experience event in August.  She said they are attracting new, young volunteers from that event, and through the Homeland Security program at Octorara High School.

* Lofgren said the fire company appreciates the $19,000 in donations it received from its fund drive.

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