US 30 @ PA Route 10 – Parkesburg, PA


3 responses to “US 30 @ PA Route 10 – Parkesburg, PA

  1. This is not Parkesburg, rather the intersection of Sadsbury and West Sabsbury Townships if I am correct. Folks are already confused about where the Borough of Parkesburg is and is not. You may not think this is not a big deal. But when folks from West Sads show up at Parkesburg Schoolhouse Apartments to vote it is a big deal. Or when Boro Hall is called by someone insisting they live in Parkesburg when their street address is not in the Borough it makes for unhappy and frustrated people.

    • I feel your pain, Mel. I posted the picture as the photographer titled it. I think many in Parkesburg lay claim to that intersection in spirit, even though it is not officially within the borough.

      Where the actual lines of the borough are can be confusing, especially when I have seen graphics with slight differences. Does the Google Map on PG’s About Page look right to you? I’ve seen graphics making it look like Parkesburg extended down Lower Valley Road.

      • Actually a lot people who live outside the borough also have a 19365 on their mail, and that is why we have so much confusion.

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