Victory Brewing Co. rolling out its first cans in spring 2015

summer-love-victoryConsumers wanted it, asked for it and now they’re getting it. Starting next spring,Victory Brewing Co. will launch its first line of canned beer after the installation of its canning line in its Parkesburg, Pa. location.

“We’ve been looking [at] the canned market for years as it developed,” said Ron Barchet, CEO and co-founder. “We were watching it closely, but we were not ready to jump in.”

The Downingtown, Pa.-based brewing company didn’t have enough space for a canning line, Barchet said, until plans were finalized in February for its 212,000 square foot location in Parkesburg.

Adding the canning line required about 5,000 square feet of space — 2,000 to can the beer and 3,000 to store and package the cans.

With cans the company believes it can sell its products in a number of new venues like sports stadiums and pools. They also believe boaters and hikers would “prefer the smaller footprint and the lighter weight of the aluminum,” Barchet said.

Victory is currently undergoing the final engineering stages, which includes design approvals, and expects manufacturing will begin in late October or early November. The canning line will be shipped to the facility in late February, and will be up-and-running by the end of March.

The first line of canned beer will be limited to the Summer Love Ale brand for now, just in time for summer 2015.

“For obvious reasons, with it being a summer brand, it seems mated to different examples of summer — boating and beach and ball games,” Barchet said, “so we felt it was natural to be our first, given the time of receiving the line and the popularity of the beer.”

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