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Hope rides on a new Coatesville train station

Coatesville Station

Boarded up, with peeling paint and an empty platform, the shuttered train station at the end of Third Street is a portrait of urban blight, emblematic of so much of downtown Coatesville.

But local and state officials are pinning their hopes of getting a citywide revitalization on track with an $18 million-plus spruce-up of this underused Amtrak station.

Amtrak trains still stop at the Coatesville station – albeit without ticket sales or baggage services. Just under 15,000 people caught a ride there in 2011.

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Lawrence Offers Statement on 2013-14 State Budget (Press Release)


HARRISBURG – Rep. John Lawrence (R-West Grove) issued the following statement after Sunday’s passage of the 2013-14 state budget in the House of Representatives. Lawrence voted in favor of the balanced $28.4 billion spending plan, which does not raise state taxes. The budget was approved on time for the third consecutive year.

“I was a yes vote on this year’s budget, which prioritizes spending on education, public safety, and agriculture. As a fiscal steward of the taxpayer’s hard-earned dollars, I fought hard to ensure that this year’s budget was balanced, included no new borrowing, and did not hike the sales or the income tax. The people of Pennsylvania do not need to see higher state taxes, particularly while we have not seen movement on legislation to address out-of-control school property taxes.

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