Planned Gap bottleneck project construction cost now $10.3 million

Gap bottleneck projectThe price tag of the planned Gap Bottleneck project has increased by $2.2 million.

And picked up at least one more critic.

“We’re really concerned about this,” said Dennis Groff, a Paradise Township supervisor and the township roadmaster.

“I’m a believer in ‘if you build it, they will come,’ ” Groff told PennDOT representatives Monday.

Speaking at the Transportation Technical Advisory Committee meeting, representatives of the state Transportation Department’s District 8 reported the cost of the Gap project had increased from $8.1 million to $10.3 million.

Additional drainage pipes, an increased amount of paving, a slightly larger paving area, coordination with the State Police and higher construction management costs were all cited for the increased cost.

The project is intended to relieve congestion at the U.S. 30 and Route 41 intersection.

Plans unveiled in early 2012 call for northbound travelers on Route 41 to continue onto a new two-lane roadway that would curve north of Gap and to the west before crossing Newport Road and connecting with Route 30.

Westbound travelers on U.S. 30 would also be directed onto the new road. Existing U.S. 30, from near Newport Road to Route 41 would become a one-way eastbound road.

The project is in Salisbury Township, but Groff said he believes the results will stretch into adjoining Paradise Township.

Eastbound U.S. 30 traffic now backs-up to Brackbill Road, where Urban Outfitters is constructing a new fulfillment center.

With increased traffic brought to Gap and a new stop light at Brackbill Road, Groff said traffic back-ups could soon reach Kinzers.

“Don’t get me wrong, Gap has problems. We all know that,” Groff told the PennDOT staff and other officials in the multi-agency transportation planning meeting.

However, Groff contended PennDOT should have looked beyond the Village of Gap.

Motorists and horse and buggy drivers in Paradise and Kinzers already have trouble pulling onto or across U.S. 30, he said. He expects the situation to worsen.

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One response to “Planned Gap bottleneck project construction cost now $10.3 million

  1. As I said months ago the costs of Urban Outfitters is continuing to grow, but not the costs TO Urban Outfitters. Adding 2.2 million while UO gets a million dollar a year break on taxes most definitely takes taxpayers money and puts it right in the pocket of the owner of Urban Outfitters!
    As far as Paradise Township being worried, what do people expect? Traffic will continue to increase dramatically on 772 North, 30 East, 30 West and 41 South. There have been numerous studies on bottleneck for decades. Salisbury Township and the State have botched this road plan in every way possible. Simply put, if you address a bottleneck of this sort at one spot, you simply move the bottleneck, you do NOT eliminate it. The absolute worst approach would be the response of PennDot to look at Paradise. I remember as far back as 1984 (30 years!), when there were plans laid out to connect the Coatesville by-pass and the Lancaster by-pass. Everybody complained about the loss of farm land. However, route 30 cannot be a business route and a thoroughfare for over the road driving simultaneously. The two uses are incompatible. Always have been and always will be. We can’t afford the type of isolated development without proper regional planning that Salisbury Township and the State have done. Route 30 is a business route, just like it is through the city of Lancaster, Coatesville, Downingtown and many others. The ONLY way to address the bottlenecks on route 30 is a COMPLETE by-pass. Any other approach will simply cause us to spend the next 30 years moving the bottleneck North, South, East and West and never addressing the core problem.

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