Gunshot sounds were false alarm at East Fallowfield

About 40-50 police officers from multiple area departments quickly descended on the East Fallowfield Elementary school on Tuesday after a teacher thought she heard several gunshots on the property.

The incident was reported around 11:10 a.m., and the first officer arrived three minutes later, according to the East Fallowfield Police Department. Within minutes dozens of other officers arrived at the school, which was immediately locked down to ensure the safety of the students.

The teacher told investigators that they had heard what sounded like three to four gunshots on the southwest corner of the property, and the responding officers conducted a thorough check of the building, the surrounding property and nearby roads. The officers found no signs of any shooting, and quickly determined that the sounds had come from a work crew that was working on a nearby cellphone tower, police said.

Police said that the crew was working just west of the school and struck the metal tower with a tool that did create a noise similar to those made by gunshots.

“The safety of the children and faculty of the school were our first concern and we are happy to report there were no injuries, although a few children might have been concerned by the numbers of officers that they could see out the windows. We encourage you to talk to your children about the incident and please alert the school if there are any issues,” the East Fallowfield Police Department said in a statement.

The East Fallowfield Township Police Department was assisted by members of the Coatesville Area School District police force, the Parkesburg Police Department and troopers from the State Police Embreeville and Avondale barracks.

Local police expressed thanks to the other agencies that assisted them with the quick response.

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2 responses to “Gunshot sounds were false alarm at East Fallowfield

  1. I really don’t want to sound like one of those (I told you so) kind of people, but reading this just shows that we “DO NOT” need an expensive resource officer when the local boys can be there in a few minutes as they were in the article above. We need a petition to remove Pete Mango and signal 88 in my opinion.

  2. I don’t want to sound like one of those know-it-all but the elementary school is right next door to the police station, so obvious their response time would be pretty quick.

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