Chester County Sheriff selected to train at National Sheriff’s Institute

Chester County Sheriff, Carolyn Bunny WelshWEST CHESTER, PA – Chester County Sheriff, Carolyn Bunny Welsh has been selected by the National Sheriff’s Association to mentor a class of newly elected sheriffs at the National Sheriff’s Institute in Longmont Colorado.

Welsh will spend one week at the National Institute of Corrections with a class of thirty sheriffs from across the nation. The National Sheriff’s Association will provide transportation costs and all accommodations for Welsh while she is in Colorado.

Welsh said, “It is truly an honor to have been selected by the NSA to have a part in this very significant training for new sheriffs. I have received the student roster and there will be sheriffs from 24 different states in attendance. It is very exciting.” Welsh graduated from the National Sheriff’s Institute in 2000 during her first year as Chester County Sheriff. She was elected class president of the 79th session.

Welsh added, “This training is essential for each newly elected sheriff. While the duties of the sheriff vary state by state, and even county by county, there are many issues and challenges which are common. It does not matter if you have six deputies like some small counties, or 9,000 deputies like Los Angeles, there is a lot in common. It is just a matter of scale.”

Welsh has served for four years on the board of Directors of the National Sheriff’s Association which is headquartered in Arlington Virginia. She is also the past president of the Pennsylvania Sheriff’s Association.

“There are more than 3,000 elected sheriffs in the country. The honorable Office of the Sheriff has a long and proud history. Sheriffs in every county are elected by the people and serve the people. It is an awesome responsibility and an honor to serve. It is a great privilege to work with new sheriffs across the nation as they begin to serve their counties and their citizens,” concluded Welsh.

~ News Release via the County of Chester ~


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