Christiana back to square one on sewer processing

52f25dd48fa0b.imageChristiana has been hoping to get rid of the lime in its sewer processing, but that is not proving to be easy.

During the Christiana Borough Council meeting Tuesday, Sept. 2, Borough Manager Carol Pringle explained that a cost test for a lime-free option failed before it could get started.

Currently, sludge from the treatment plant is treated with lime to stabilize it before being hauled out for land application.

But using lime is a dusty and messy step that workers would like to skip so a test had been proposed to do the processing without the lime and find out how much it would cost to have the sludge hauled away.

Pringle explained that, before the borough could start the test, the hauler the borough uses asked how the sludge was being stabilized.

“The whole purpose was to eliminate the lime process,” she said. “They can not haul it unless it is stabilized. We’re right back to where we started with the lime process.”

Pringle and plant operator Evan Field are now planning a trip to New Holland to learn more about the process that municipality is using at its plant.

In other business, council plans to install three speed tables on Broad Street to help control speeding.

Spots are marked on the street for the installation of the tables, which is expected in October.

Each speed table will be 15 feet wide across the street, 6 inches high and 6 feet front to back. There will also need to be a four-foot slope on both sides for a total new surface of 14 feet.

In another matter, Council President Robin Coffroth administered the oath of office to council’s second junior council person, Andrew Williams, at the opening of the meeting.

He joins Grace McDonough, who is in her second year in that position. Both are juniors at Octorara High School.

The junior council members do not vote or attend executive sessions, but they are invited to comment on discussion items and bring issues to council’s attention.

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