Arrests made at county DUI checkpoint

car_doorSix people were arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and three others were charged with drug offenses during a sobriety checkpoint Friday night on Route 41.

The checkpoint was conducted between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. by members of the Parkesburg Police Department and the Chester County DUI Task Force. Police said a total of 887 drivers were contacted during the checkpoint. One driver was arrested for having an open alcoholic beverage, and several other motorists were arrested for driving without a license or on a suspended license, according to police.

The Parkesburg Police Department was assisted by members of the West Goshen, Tredyffrin, West Chester, Westtown East Goshen, West Whiteland and Sadsbury Township police departments. Members of the Avondale Fire Company also provided emergency lighting and traffic safety assistance.

Police did not identify any of those who were arrested.

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2 responses to “Arrests made at county DUI checkpoint

  1. A rate of success in purpose of 0.007 is more than enough justification to not do something like this anymore. Well over 860 innocent and law-abiding citizens were stopped for no good reason. If resources were used to patrol and look for obvious offenders I feel the time would be better spent. What other ‘service-oriented’ operation would be able to tolerate such a proficiency rate? Even in law enforcement, how would we feel if the clearance rate for burglary or arson or assault was 7 out of every 1000? These check points are very inefficient at best and a stretch of Government interference in the lives of the innocent at worst.

    • I could not agree more, Mr. Jones!! Have you read about the “border checkpoints” 75-100 miles inside the US that can detain and search without probable cause?

      This is just a small snowflake on top of a very big iceberg. We have a segment of our society that has turned itself over to fear, and have embraced the “at any cost” mentality. Moreover, they are willing to give up their liberty for a false sense of security. We see it everywhere today… from the NSA collecting data on all of America to the CIA’s spying on Congressional staffers, and from the militarization of police departments to placing armed officers in our schools.

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