First responders bring safety equipment to church

in-10Visitors to Gateway Church in Parkesburg will be safer, thanks to a partnership between Keystone Valley Fire Department (KVFD), Signal 88 Security, and the church.

A recent incident of syncope, caused by cardiac-related issues, highlighted the need to have anautomated external defibrillator (AED), oxygen, and other first aid supplies on hand. Since many attendees of the church come from the first-responder community, they recognized the need to have medical equipment on hand for use in an emergency.

KVFD and Signal 88 Security came together to provide equipment, and Gateway Church provided the labor to mount the AED and space to store the other pre-hospital care equipment and supplies.

“The Gateway Church Family is so thankful to our community security and emergency responders for their generous donation of this valuable equipment,” said Pastor Jon Damon. “Each week hundreds of people utilize the Parkesburg campus for a variety of activities, including worship, recreation, and education. Having this equipment nearby will be a blessing to the church and community for years to come.”

The church, one of the largest venues in the Parkesburg area, attracts more than 450 people to the building on Sundays, and on many other days for events, funerals and rentals.

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