Christiana Borough agrees to continue policing Atglen

cpdLast April, the Christiana Borough Police Department began patrolling Atglen as part of a one-year contract that included an option to extend the pact.

At their meeting Wednesday, March 26, the Christiana Borough Council took action to keep the patrols going.

Council approved an amendment stipulating that the police services agreement is still for a one-year term but will continue for additional one-year terms without further action.

The agreement can still be terminated in writing by either of the boroughs.

The new amendment was needed to allow the police contract to stay in effect without re-advertising and adopting the ordinance every year.

The original ordinance was enacted last year and the agreement has gone so well that both boroughs want to continue with the service.

Previously, Atglen had gotten police services from the Parkesburg Borough Police Department.

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One response to “Christiana Borough agrees to continue policing Atglen

  1. Christiana is doing a fine job, and Parkesburg needs to get rid of their police department and use the State Police since the crime rate in town is at an all time low. I read a ranting blog the other day which is trying to manipulate the thoughts of the public by stating that the cops are so busy in town, but I still haven’t seen any real crime nor did I see any police actually stopping any crime in progress. Police just respond to incidents or calls, and they rarely stop an actually crime while it is happening. How many cops do we really need?, and the Chief is unqualified for his position in my opinion. The cops are joy riding in their police vehicles outside the city limits on our tax dollars as well.

    Their contracts are up this year, so lets give them the boot!

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