Editorial: Increasing the Minimum Wage Fixes Nothing

Recently, it was reported in the Daily Local News:

Local congressional members and congressional hopefuls are split on the debate of whether to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

On Wednesday, President Obama signed an executive order raising the minimum wage for future federal contract workers to $10.10 an hour, much to the dismay of many Republicans who say that raising the minimum wage is not the best way to fix the economy.

Candidate for the 16th district, Democrat Tom Houghton, recently delivered a petition with nearly 500 signatures to U.S. Rep. Joe Pitts, asking him to support a federal minimum wage increase to $10.10 an hour.

Houghton, who is running for Pitts’ seat, said in the petition that he supports “the growing movement to raise the minimum wage to about $10.” He delivered the petition to the Kennett Square office of Pitts on Monday. Read more…


Raising the minimum wage is for the purpose of buying votes from low information voters… nothing more. Today’s minimum wage of $7.25 has relatively the same value as the 1955 minimum wage of $0.75.

This is the short answer why: Take the starting wage for fast food workers from $7.25 to $10.10, and the bank cashier starting at $10.10 now wants $14.07, and the warehouse worker that did start at $14.07 now wants $19.60. The ripple effect is wages go up for everyone, but so do costs. It is not just paying more for your Big Mac, it is paying more for everything… including higher taxes to pay for the increases in salaries.

It doesn’t matter what the minimum wage is. Over time, the value of the minimum wage increase is lost, as it has always done since the minimum wage was created. In a few years, when everything inevitably rebalances, the Democrats can make an issue out of the minimum wages again… and the cycle of buying votes continues.

“Fixing” the minimum wage has never fixed anything, because the problem is not a problem… it is an economic reality. The real issue is an entire group of people being told they deserve making a living, and being able to raise a family, on a minimum wage job, flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

The new buzzword these days is “income inequality.” It is the rallying cry for the “redistribution of wealth” crowd, but the net effect will be a shared scarcity as those who succeed are punished for success.

Instead of being encouraged at working to move up the economic chain, people are encouraged not to aspire. President Obama and Tom Houghton will take care of everything for you, all the while chanting the Marxist mantra: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”


51 responses to “Editorial: Increasing the Minimum Wage Fixes Nothing

  1. Almost everything that requires money continually increases in the amount required to maintain it. Even after the Great Depression, everything has recycled, and renewed the trend.

  2. I try to understand both sides. But the current rate for babysitting is $10/hour, or more. Granted babysitting involves important responsibility, indeed a sacred trust, but in many cases does not involve significant ‘work,’ whereas almost all even entry-level jobs do. When I was a kid the minimum wage was $1 and a Coke cost a dime. Now a Coke costs a buck or more. Pretty much everything now costs ten times, or more, what it did then. So yes, I am in favor of increasing the minimum wage. Inflation demands it.

  3. Last year the Walton family(owners of Walmart) made 17.2 billion in profit. Meanwhile, the workers received 2.6 billion in public assistance because their pay was below the poverty level. So, if the Waltons “only” profited 14.6 billion they could actually pick up the tab the American people have been paying to subsidize the poverty wages they are paying. Said another way, 2.6 billion of the “profit” the Walton family kept last year came from taxpayers! This is nothing but stealing from the poor to give to the filthy rich!
    If McDonald’s was to pay $10.10 per hour to their workers the cost of the average burger would increase by 5 cents! Would this really be such a burden? In Manhattan, the average McDonald’s CEO makes $120,000 PER DAY, while the average worker makes $11,000 PER YEAR! So, if the CEO took ONLY $109,000 PER DAY, every day they could double the yearly salary of the average worker.
    Our economy is now fully based on service industry jobs and housing. Unless workers in the service industry are able to buy housing, that market will implode once again. Everyone has to have an improved standard of living as the economy improves or we will see it collapse even worse in the future.

    • I’m amazed when people use Walmart and McDonalds as examples. As if the people that take these entry-level positions aren’t aware of the hourly wage prior to being hired. People are free NOT to take these jobs. And unless the David Jones’ of the world aren’t willing to extend themselves and start their own business paying all of their employees a “living wage”, kindly stick to blogging about eating out 150+ times a year, summering in Florida, and trying to convince the rest of us that you’re on a “fixed income”.

      • David aren’t you, and Ken Knickerbocker still doing consulting for the borough and if so are they paying you for it? I heard Mel Keen crying poor mouth and she owns several properties in town, and luxury sail boats, but she is lower class income too right? Give me a break, and please stop acting so humble David. 😀

      • I wouldn’t take anything David says too seriously…he was a council member for the borough, and during his time there David and Ken Knickerbocker put the town in debt by building the borough hall to accommodate Chief Sheller, and the borough staff. Yeah that was a great idea…like we didn’t have a bridge to fix or anything right!

  4. I personally am in favor of the minimum wage being increased. Of course people need to make a better wage. The one problem I can see is for small business owners. When they raise the wage the tax liability goes up too for the employer. So they are not just paying out more money to the employee but to Social Security and Medicare. They have to be matched by the employer. I think this is where there will be a burden on some employer.

  5. I do NOT now or have I ever consulted for the Borough of Parkesburg. Like any of citizen I have attended meetings and offered my opinions. Some have been received, some acted upon and others not attended to, but even when I was on council I never took a dime. I donated my “pay” to places like the library.

    I am not “acting” humble and do not put myself in the category of needing assistance, but I do believe in supporting working people. Unlike the picture that accompanies this article, working people are not napping they are working long hours for less than a livable wage and I believe like millions of others, they deserve adequate compensation for their hard labors.

    Maybe you should try a little humble pie, or couldn’t you stomach it?

    • Since we are asking questions about your past how about I ask you this…Did you assist any council members, or their friends in an ethics violation where they personally gained property?

      • This article and the comments therein are supposed to be about raising the minimum wage so why don’t you direct your childishness towards that issue and get off your sanctimonious high horse you pompous idiot! You have repeatedly spread rumors without facts which makes you ignorant at best. On the other hand you have repeated things like this that you know are untrue so that makes you a liar as well. What a reference you have, a sanctimonious lying idiot! And, your motivation for all of this nonsense is nothing more than self-promotion!

        As far as I know you are NOT the arbitrator of what is or is not an ethics violation and I have repeatedly told you to put up or shut up. There is an entire department in Harrisburg dedicated to investigating ethics violations. Years ago I had occasions to use their expertise and judgments in my dealings with the Commonwealth. I know for a FACT that if a possible violation had been brought to their attention it would have been resolved one way or the other many many months ago by now. So, you just keep repeating the same useless dribble hoping someone will think you are important? You have once again shown how little you actually know about anything.

        The answers and the truth don’t matter to you one bit. You continue to spout your senseless and useless nonsense. Grow up!!!

        • I have documents to back up my assumptions David, and I was just asking you a question. You are the one acting like a child with your petty name calling. The truth does in fact matter to me and the residents of Parkesburg. If you don’t want to answer the question then don’t, but please calm down and stop the name calling.

  6. It has become more than tiresome to witness Mr. Rzonca take almost any opportunity to cast aspersons upon and throw brickbats at David Jones and members of borough government. He charges this, insinuates that, and threatens to make public evidence he claims to have. But in the end, always…nothing.

  7. No, Joey, I will not play your game. I don’t know what documents, about what persons, you are talking about. And that is precisely the problem: nobody knows what you are talking about. Ever. Because all you ever do is allege, never backing up anything, never offering squat to support your allegations. If you’ve got the goods on anyone, don’t offer them to me, offer them to everyone. Or better yet to proper authorities. Otherwise shut up.

    • If I could post all of the information on this news page I would Chuck, but I can not put documents up with my comments. I offered them to you through email, so you could see what I have. To tell me to shut up is rude, and I don’t appreciate it. I never disrespected you, and I never would. I am not playing games.

      • I have myself seen this documents as well as some other people. Other people being higher legal people. They have in fact said that there is an issue and told Joey they couldn’t help. They told him this because they are friends with the people who are doing wrong. So the corruption goes untouched due to friendship. At that point who do you go to Mr Vail. The people that have committed these corrupt acts have buttered up the right people so they go untouched. So before you decide whether or not Joey is putting on a circus act take a look at what he has. Unfortunately he can’t post them on here because you can’t post attachments. You will then see who the real clowns in town are. Think about. If David Jones didn’t have anything to worry about why didn’t he answer the question presented. Instead he got fired up and started name calling. Real grown up if you ask me. Before you ask Joey to take the circus else where look at what he has and let the be the deciding factor of whether or not this is all a circus act.

  8. If you have a best friend, Joey, he/she should tell you that it’s time to strike the tent poles and take the circus back on the road. Anywhere but here. We here are full-up with your nonsense. Reply if you wish, but I will no longer accommodate your rantings, ramblings, unsupported wild accusations. I’m embarrased that I have indulged you this far. So this is the end, Joey. Finito! Indeed I’m sorry that anybody, ever, gave you a half-ounce of credibility. Your words have betrayed you, shown you to be simple fool.

    • 3 1/2 years of investigating on my own for the truth…I found it with research and hard work something you are not familiar with. You provided what in your conclusion? Petty insults like David…The circus stays open Chuck perhaps you could research some of the things I posted already and you may find the answers. I put most of it out there already, but you haven’t seen any of it because you are to busy bitching and complaining about everything instead of doing something about it. I would gladly put the pile of documents in your lap, but you don’t want to see them. Good for you, but don’t bash me unless you know what is really going on first.

  9. FYI. If you want to share a document, upload it here and share the link.



  10. No thanks pbtodayfan, but nice try though!

    • Joey,
      I’m not a David Jones fan by any means, but you can’t just disparage the man without proof. Either make your case or let it go. Oh, and stop posting under other names defending yourself… we all know it’s you and it’s really, really…. REALLY pathetic.

      • What are your other names? And I like Dave , he’s my friend for a long long time! Just sayin’!

        • I’m the same guy, but for some reason I come up as vigodagod, other times John Walters. I don’t post as other people. You’re entitled to your opinion of Mr. Jones, I don’t know the man personally but from what he posts here, I definitely don’t respect him. I’m very happy that you have a friend. Maybe you two can friend each other on Pinterest and share recipes. 🙂

      • I am most certainly not “CP” Vigodagod. Ask Tim I’m sure he will verify!

  11. Hey Vogodagod just to inform you that it isn’t Joey posting. I am CP, Yes I am my own person not another posing as a false name. You can believe it if you would like. I think it is funny that someone gets on here and verifies what is being said of Joey and all the sudden that person is false. What is really sad is I have stood by Joey through all the pathetic lies that have been passed around through the wonderful political world of Parkesburg and shake my head. I shake it because you have one person really trying to get to the bottom of corrupt behavior and all he gets is ridiculed and bashed to for trying to help. He is being bashed by people who are doing nothing to help the town that they are supposed to love and be proud of. So before you go bashing someone that actually cares get to know them and find out what you can do to help.

  12. Perhaps he wouldn’t get “ridiculed and bashed” if he presented himself in a mature, organized and transparent manner. Merely continuing to post these cryptic messages that he has all this damming evidence is beginning to sound more and more like the boy who cried wolf…and to defend the lack of production of these documents by saying he can’t copy and paste them on here..Well, come on now Joey..we all know that you know how to put things up on youtube – pretty sure you could figure out how to get your “evidence” on there at the very least. So yes, guess it’s time to put up or keep your mouth shut.

  13. My sincere apologies for those who have been waiting for me to show them the burden of proof. I am not computer savvy like some of you, but I did mange to put together an investigative report for your viewing. Please note that I do not intend to persuade any of you to believe me or anything I post on here, and I do not intend to accuse anybody of a crime in my report, or hurt the integrity of any business. This entire post is my opinion only with questions and concerns.


  14. What did Mr Crockett gain?

    • I added the photos of the lumber yard before and after photos to my report so you can see the property gain. The owner also received $1,100.00 from the borough for their troubles.

  15. I too thank Joey for finally showing us what he’s got. But there is no ‘there’ there. It’s all just a lot of sound and fury from Joey, signifying nothing. Joey implicitly admitted as much. He qualified his comments seven ways from Sunday, saying that it was all just his opinion. Well, there is a famous quip about opinions, having to do with an orifice we all have. Let’s put this sorry episode to rest, and hope that Joey has learned a lesson in what it means to be a responsible adult.

    • The only legal way to put up this type of information without being accused of slander is to announce that it is an opinion. The information is there for the viewing as you all asked. You can decide whether it is true or not.

  16. In drawing #2 you show the fence on the right property line. The red area is on Mr Crockett’s property right, what did he gain?

    • You will have to figure it out yourself Ben, or whoever you really are?

    • I forgot to mention that Crockett is only the President of the company (Tradewinds LLC an unregistered business according to the state), and may not be the owner at all. The owner lives at Mel Keens home address.

      • It may be registered in another state. Like DE. or NJ.

        • To form an LLC, a
          Certificate of Organization
          is required to be filed with the
          Corporation Bureau of the
          Pennsylvania Department of State
          The Limited Liability name must be available for use

          An actual street or rural route number must be
          used as an address. A P.O. Box alone is not

          It has a Pennsylvania address doesn’t it? Then what is a person with common sense to think?

  17. Impugning the integrity of others is not a virtue, Joey, it’s a vice, and should be shouted down. In your comments you have also impugned my ingegrity, alleging that I am “to busy bitching and complaining about everything instead of doing something about it.” You are mistaken. I serve on the Planning Commission, an unpaid post, and recently volunteered to review and edit the borough’s new Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, a document which ran to more than 300 pages. I don’t consider it any big thing. But let me ask you: other than throwing wild accusations about, what have you done lately?

  18. According to the Bloomsberg News today if Walmart were to raise their workers’ pay to $10.10 per hour it would add $200 million – or less than 1 percent – to Walmart’s annual labor bill. If Walmart were to pass this on to customers it would equal about “a penny per $16 item.” Not much of an impact on customers, but WOW what an impact for low wage earners!

    • Never mind, I figured it out!

    • LOL. Walmart and McDonalds seems to be the main focus with liberals who try to drive home the point to raise the minimum wage. Most liberals are so hyper-focused on following what their “leaders” tell them that they can’t put together an actual thought for themselves. The big picture says a lot more if you remove your head from your rectum to see it.

      With Obamacare cutting job hours because companies are lowering the hours of their employees so they don’t have to provide healthcare for them, a good portion of the people that used to work 40 hours will now be working 30 to keep them below the required amount. Most of those people would now be making less money because they’ll be working less hours. The Obama Administration decided to push the minimum wage BS not as a means to raise the poor’s standard of living, but to make sure that those people that are losing hours won’t lose money.

      40 hours @ 7.50/hr = $300
      30 hours @ 10.10/hr. = $303

      To continue to use Walmart as an example is a real pathetic attempt from people who have no clue what makes a successful business. Those entry-level positions at Walmart are not meant to provide a “living wage”. Those are LOW-PAYING, ENTRY-LEVEL positions. Anyone thinking that they should be able to run the cash register at Walmart and make $20/hr is a idiot. A job pays what the job is worth. Don’t like the rate, don’t take the job. Just because the David Jones’ of the world “feel” a certain way doesn’t make it right. Walmart is a publicly traded company where people invest their money to make a return on their investment. Not everyone can simply work 20 years for the state and sit back on their tax payer funded pensions and tell businesses how they should spend their money.

  19. – Welfare pays more than the minimum wage in thirty five states.
    – In thirteen states welfare pays more than $15 per hour. Overall, in eleven states welfare pays more than the average pay for a first year teacher; in thirty nine states it pays more than the average starting salary for a secretary.
    – Only 42% of welfare recipients are working (nationally and in California) and many of those with jobs are actually not working, but are participating in job training or “job search”. Fewer than 20% have unsubsidized private-sector jobs.
    – Overall the value of the benefits received “greatly exceed the Federal poverty level, but because welfare benefits are tax free, their dollar value was greater than the amount of take home income a worker would receive in an entry level job”.

    So why work…

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