Chester County Commissioners present $25,000 to Chester County Community Dental

Chester County Dental

Chester County Commissioners presented Chester County Community Dental with a check for $25,000 and proclaimed February as Children’s Dental Health Month.

The check was part of the county’s annual appropriations to organizations and non-profits throughout the county. The presentation was made during Tuesday’s Commissioners’ work session.

The Commissioners’ proclamation stated cavities are the number one chronic childhood disease and are 100 percent preventable. Chester County Community Dental provides comprehensive general dentistry services and dental health education to approximately 3,000 low income children living in the county each year. The dental organization also partners with the Chester County Health Department and the county’s school districts to provide dental sealants to students throughout the year.

Regina Horton Lewis, Executive Director of Community Dental, and Tamara Fox, Director of Development and Marketing for the organization, accepted the proclamation and the check, thanking the Commissioners for the contribution, which will help to continue many of the dental programs available to Chester County citizens.


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