Water Tanker Available for Residents With Wells

Message Forwarded by Mel Keen

Pennsylvania American Water has stationed a water tanker to assist western Chester County homeowners with wells that are inoperable due to the widespread power outages. The tanker is available between 3:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. on Thursday and Friday at the company’s Rock Run Water Treatment Plant at 198 Waterworks Rd in West Caln Township. Residents are asked to bring their own containers.

Although Pennsylvania American Water’s systems continue to experience operational issues due to the ongoing power outages, service to the company’s water and wastewater customers has not been impacted thanks to crews deploying back-up generators at many of the company’s facilities.


6 responses to “Water Tanker Available for Residents With Wells

  1. Water will be available at the Rock Run plant on Sat/Sun from 12 noon- 4pm both days.

  2. The borough used it’s plow truck to push snow in front of my driveway today so that I would not be able to get out if I needed to. I emailed John Hagan and informed him that it was harassment at the very least and the borough should be sued for damages to private property. I would like everyone to know that Melinda Keen watched it happen and never said anything to the plow truck driver. This behavior should not be tolerated! If you have an issue with the borough please send it to Tim Alexander and have him email it to me.

  3. Mel – Thank you for keeping us informed about available services during the bad weather. And, thank you to all borough officials, personnel, and road crew for your efforts and long hours. I know everyone is doing their very best. Hang in there. You are appreciated!

  4. If the plow driver did push snow in front of your driveway, that is reprehensible.

    However, despite any differences I have with choices Mel had made as a council member, she has been visible and active during the whole winter weather issue. In fact, she seemed to have been the only borough official being hands on… that is, until they got a public shaming from Ken Knickerbocker.

    With the exception of your issue, Joey, snow removal in Parkesburg has been top notch this year. For as long as I can remember, the Borough had a remarkable ability at changing 6 inches of snow into 3 inches of ice. This year, the roads have been plowed clean.

    We have to give credit, where credit is due.

    • I must say that I am surprised at the plow truck driver considering that it has never happened before, and I must say my next door neighbor is not happy with Mel Keen. Next election should be interesting!

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