Josh Maxwell Endorsed by Sen. Andy Dinniman for 74th State House District

JoshAndySenator Andy Dinniman (D-Chester County) endorsed Josh Maxwell for State Representative. Maxwell is seeking the Democratic nomination in the 74th State House district.

“I’m proud to support Josh Maxwell because of his leadership in Downingtown and his understanding of the issues in the Commonwealth. We need Josh Maxwell because  has he a deep understanding of people who work day in and day out for a living. He understands people who aren’t getting golden parachutes and often have to work two or three jobs,” said Dinniman.

Josh Maxwell thanked Senator Dinniman for his endorsement. “Senator Dinniman has been a leader for Democrats in Chester County for over two decades. I look forward to working with him to grow our economy, fight for our schools, and ensure everyone gets a fair shake.”

Senator Dinniman continued, “I’m also delighted to support Josh because of his understanding of the issues of education. I am the minority chair of the education committee in the State Senate, and our public schools are in deep trouble because of Governor Corbett. Josh Maxwell will be my partner in saving our public schools.”

“Josh Maxwell understands our growing senior population. He understands the needs of our children. I’m endorsing Josh Maxwell because he understands the vital issues facing Chester County and the Commonwealth: education, jobs, and perfecting the balance between urban revitalization and open space. Mayor Josh Maxwell is the candidate to win the primary and the general election.”

Andy Dinniman has served as Senator from Chester County’s 19th district since 2006. Before that, he served three terms as a County Commissioner. Senator Dinniman’s district includes most of the 74th state house district.

Josh Maxwell was elected Downingtown’s Mayor in 2009, and was re-elected in 2013 by nearly 40 points. Maxwell was named the “Best Young Politician” in the area by Philadelphia Magazine in 2011.

“After growing up in a twin on Jefferson Avenue with my brother and two sisters, I understand what it means to have to work hard to make ends meet. A top-tier education system and sustainable economic growth can make a difference for our families. In order to meet these challenges and secure a brighter future for our community we need strong leadership that will bring results,” Maxwell said.

Mayor Maxwell restarted the Downingtown Main Street Association, which has helped grow our economy by facilitating partnerships between residents, businesses, and elected leaders. He served as President of that organization, and currently serves on the board of the Downingtown Community Education Foundation.

Josh Maxwell has also been endorsed by County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone, Parkesburg Mayor John Hagan, and over 20 local Democratic elected officials and community leaders from all over the district.

The new 74th district was created in the recent redistricting, and includes the townships of East Caln, Caln, East Fallowfield, Sadsbury, and Valley, the boroughs of Downingtown, Modena, Parkesburg, and South Coatesville, and the city of Coatesville.

~ News Release via Friends of Josh Maxwell ~


4 responses to “Josh Maxwell Endorsed by Sen. Andy Dinniman for 74th State House District

  1. So, Andy is going to “save” our schools? And Maxwell is going to help him? Besides understanding the issues what has Andy done to save our schools or to reform property taxes? It’s one thing for both of these guys to say they understand the issues of the working class and education, it’s something else entirely to actually take action by eliminating the property tax. I think Andy fits nicely into the category of “career” politician. He lives off the taxes of the working men and women and it’s time to either take serious aim at property taxes or step aside and let someone else take a shot who is actually determined to create positive change for working people.

  2. Can anyone explain how being born of modest means is a qualification for holding office? If that were even remotely true wouldn’t we be seeing revitalizations in poorer areas, where the people who ‘understand what it means to have to work hard to make ends meet’ are members of the borough council or board of supervisors? I guess all politicians need to have their back story, but all I see in Josh Maxwell is another career politician in the making.

    • Unfortunately, we don’t see too many candidates going maverick… not seeking their party’s endorsement prior to the primary and also not trying to rack up a list of endorsements. Very few get elected who are not already insiders. I know I upset some local Republicans because I did not court local leaders when I was just running for School Director. It is the nature of the beast.

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