10 locations around Chester County make it easier dispose of unwanted prescriptions

Chester County residents will now have 10 permanent locations all around the county to dispose of expired or unneeded prescription drugs, county District Attorney Tom Hogan announced Thursday.

The installation of medication collection boxes — which resemble mail boxes — allows for the easy, safe and secure dropoff of these medicines, keeping them out of the hands of would-be abusers or out of landfills and potentially, the water supply.

“These boxes are a Christmas gift to Chester County from law enforcement,” Hogan said in a statement. “Citizens can safely dispose of prescription drugs, keeping drugs out of the hands of our children and out of our water. Prescription drug abuse is an epidemic in America. Chester County law enforcement IS committed to reducing drug abuse and keeping our environment safe.”

State Representative Becky Corbin (R-155) expressed her strong support of this program, and was on hand for the program’s announcement.

“Law enforcement across Chester County supports the medication collection program,” Corbin said. “This is the type of proactive program the community needs to help prevent addiction so that more lives are not destroyed by drug abuse.”

Local law enforcement officials welcomed the move as a step forward to fight drug abuse.

“Prescription drug abuse is rampant among young adults in Pennsylvania,” Parkesburg Borough Police Chief Brian Sheller, who is also the President of the Chester County Police Chiefs Association, said. “And too often, prescription drugs are a gateway to using illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine.”

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