Deed links Urban Outfitters to $9M, 52-acre tract in Gap

URBNAnd in this case, it’s speaking loud and clear.

It’s saying that Urban Outfitters has chosen a Salisbury Township property, near Gap, for a new, huge distribution center.

The highly anticipated message comes via a deed filed recently in the Lancaster County Courthouse.

The deed shows Urban Outfitters has bought the 52-acre property for $9.04 million.

The firm would not have bought the parcel if it was putting the project on any of three other sites, all outside Pennsylvania, it also considered.

A second signal, this one from Harrisburg, reinforces the conclusion that the $105 million project is coming here.

Gov. Tom Corbett has scheduled a Monday press conference to make a major announcement, described only as being about economic development in Lancaster County.

A spokesman for the state Department of Community & Economic Development declined at this time to provide more information on the governor’s remarks.

But it’s worth noting that Corbett will speak in Philadelphia, where Urban Outfitters, a worldwide fashion and decor retailer, is headquartered.

And an unidentified company president is on the press conference program as well.

Also attending will be state Rep. Gordon Denlinger, whose district includes the Salisbury Township site.

An Urban Outfitters spokesman declined comment Thursday on whether his company had made its site selection.

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