Pitts on Continuing Efforts to Reopen the Government

Following the Senate refusal to appoint negotiators to work out differences, leaders of the House announced that they would move forward with additional legislation to resume government operations. Later [yesterday], the House [took] up measures that fund Veterans Affairs, National Parks and allow the District of Columbia to continue using local tax revenue to fund their operations.

Congressman Pitts’ statement follows:

“Today, House negotiators went to the Capitol to talk over our differences with the Senate. Senate Democrats refused to talk to them. We are never going to solve our problems if we can’t even get in the same room and talk.

“The House today will consider bills to reopen portions of our government like the Department of Veterans Affairs and National Parks. The Senate already agreed earlier in the week to fund pay for service members. Hopefully, by working together on smaller funding bills, this will jump start negotiations on the rest of the federal government.

“Divided government is hard, but it is not impossible. As Chairman of the Health Subcommittee, I’ve negotiated compromise bills to reform the FDA, to protect our pharmaceuticals from contamination and to reform Medicare payments to doctors. These bipartisan agreements were achieved only through hard and honest negotiations.”

~ New Release via Joseph R. “Joe” Pitts, United States House of
Representatives for Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional District ~


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