Gerlach: Time for government to get back to work for taxpayers

Congressman Jim Gerlach (PA-6th District) said Wednesday that he would vote in favor of a so-called clean budget bill that funds the federal government at current spending levels and ends a partial federal government shutdown, which is entering its second day.

He issued the following statement on the ongoing budget stalemate:

“The constituents I have heard from don’t want the federal government shut down and they don’t want the glitch-filled, job-crushing health care law known as ObamaCare. But at this moment, middle-class families, employers and communities of all sizes are coping with the devastating effects of both. It is time for Congress to vote on a budget bill that gets the government back to work providing all of the services already paid for by the hard-working taxpayers in my District and across the country. If a bill comes to the floor to accomplish that goal, I will vote for it.

Reopening the federal government absolutely does not mean shutting down efforts to repeal and replace a health care law that’s driving premiums higher for too many families, cutting hours for too many workers and giving the federal government unprecedented control over medical choices for too many patients. I have joined my colleagues in the House six times during the last two weeks to pass bills that keep the federal government open while defunding or delaying ObamaCare. Each attempt to eliminate funding for the law, repeal the $30 billion medical device tax driving jobs overseas or treat all Americans equally by giving them the same one-year reprieve from the law’s mandates that the President gave big businesses has been rejected by the President and Senate Democrat leaders. The President and Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid seem perfectly content keeping the “Closed” sign on the Liberty Bell, Valley Forge National Park and Gettysburg National Battlefield. I am not, and I look forward to voting to put government back to work serving the taxpayers very soon.”

The Congressman has been listening to feedback from constituents on this issue and appreciates all those who have participated in a recent e-mail survey and those who have called, sent e-mails and letters expressing their views.

Here are the results of the e-mail survey from this weekend:

  • 2,584 (52%) support continuing to fund government operations, including funding for ObamaCare
  • *1,917 (39%) support shutting down the government …if the continuing resolution does not defund or delay ObamaCare
  • *398 (8%) checked “Other”

Since midnight Tuesday, when the federal government partially shut down, we’ve had: 

  • 458 (89%) messages registering strong opposition to a government shutdown.
  • 56 (10%) messages in favor of staying the course and keeping government shut down.

News Release via Congressman Jim Gerlach,
Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional Disctrict


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