Congressmen Pitts and Gerlach Speak Out on Coatesville School District Text Messages

Congressmen Joe Pitts and Jim Gerlach both of whom represent portions of the Coatesville Area School District, united [on Tuesday] in expressing their total disdain for a series of racially-charged text messages reportedly issued recently by two senior school district officials.

Congressman Pitts stated: “Those messages are vile, disgusting, and unacceptable.  There is no scenario in which it is okay to talk or to even think that way.  The students in the school district need to know that elected officials and other community leaders know right from wrong.  Those text messages are very, very wrong.”

Congressman Gerlach said: “These reported messages represent a shocking and callous degradation of students, administrators and other members of the Coatesville School District community that is simply inexcusable. That type of racist and sexist language has absolutely no place in our society, let alone in our schools, and I support efforts by the school board and the community to thoroughly review this matter, mete out appropriate sanctions where possible, and lead the community in a much-needed healing process.”

~ New Release via Joseph R. “Joe” Pitts, United States House of
Representatives for Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional District ~


One response to “Congressmen Pitts and Gerlach Speak Out on Coatesville School District Text Messages

  1. Pitts is right about those comments, and he is an excellent congressman!

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