Coatesville Parents Sound Off At Meeting

COATESVILLE, Pa. – Just days ago, they found out the Coatesville superintendent and the athletic director were accused of sending racist text messages.

The resignations of 2 high level school administrators brought hundreds of very angry people out here tonight.

At issue, highly offensive racially charged text messages exchanged between the men on district issued cell phones.

Although those administrators are now gone. The controversy may be just beginning.

“All of you all got to step down today. Don’t even say nothin else..just walk the hell out” said a Coatesville Area School parent.

An angry raucous crowd demanded answers from the Coatesville Area School Board. More than 800 people crammed into a packed auditorium all prompted by these. Racially charged text messages exchanged by former school superintendent Richard Como Former athletic director James Donato on schools issued phones.

Among the 54 pages of texts. This one:

“All should have whatever first names they want…then the last name N*****. Leroy N****. Preacher N****, Night Train N****, Clarence N****, Letoya N****, Thelma N**** and so on”

Days after the messages were discovered by district IT personnel. Both Como and Donato resigned with no explanation. Parents know why, and for the first time the school board responded on Tuesday night.

“The damage done to our community by these men cannot be calculated or measured. We are all thoroughly shocked and disappointed about what they did,” Neil Campbell, School Board President said.

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