Parkesburg Elections – 2013

election-2013-buttonParkesburg Gazette is your Parkesburg Election Center! While other news sources have ignored local races, Parkesburg Gazette has been and will be here with your election coverage.

The local election season is upon us. This year Election Day is Tuesday, November 5, 2013.  The off-year elections, held in odd-numbered years, feature rarely any election to a federal office.

The vast majority of these off-year elections are held at the local level: mayors, citizen initiatives, and other local public offices. Off-years may also feature a number of special elections to fill vacancies in various offices.

As in years past, the serious lack of news coverage could be the fact that many Parkesburg and Octorara Area election results could be called before the first vote is even cast. Parkesburg Gazette is working to change this trend.

Below is your list of candidates.


Judge; Pennsylvania Superior

Jack McVay, Jr., Democratic
Vic Stabile, Republican

Judge; Court of Common Pleas; District 15 (2 Elected)

Jeffrey R. Sommer, Republican, Democratic
Julia Malloy-Good, Republican, Democratic
Anthony Verwey, Republican, Democratic
Patrick Carmody, Republican, Democratic

Judge; Magisterial District Court; District 15-3-07

Nancy A. Gill, Republican, Democratic


Treasurer; County of Chester

Ann Duke, Republican
Nina Haslip, Democratic

Controller; County of Chester

Carmen Boyd, Democratic
Norman Macqueen, Republican

Clerk of Courts; County of Chester

Robin Marcello, Republican
Tisha Brown, Democratic

Coroner; County of Chester

Gordon R. Eck, Republican
Howard A. Jones, Democratic


School Director; Octorara Area School District; Region 3* (2 Elected)

Timothy Alexander, Republican, Democratic
Nelson K. Stoltzfus, Republican, Democratic


Mayor; Borough of Parkesburg

John P. Hagan, II, Democratic
Joseph Rzonca, Republican

Council Member; Borough of Parkesburg (4 Elected)

Willard J. Marsh, Republican
Joseph W. Dynesko, Jr., Republican
Kathleen M. Rick, Republican
Mark Agen, Republican

*Octorara Region 3 includes Paresburg-South, Highland Township, and Londonderry Township


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