Green, grand plans mark Urban Outfitters’ proposal

As Urban Outfitters shepherds its proposed distribution center through the local approval process, one fact has been clear from the start: It would be very grand.

But this week, at a Salisbury Township Zoning Hearing Board meeting, another facet of the project emerged: It would be very green.

Though Tuesday’s hearing was about building height, sign sizes, lot lines and the like, the company discussed other aspects, too.

Urban Outfitters might create the nation’s second-largest rooftop solar array on the proposed million-square-foot building in Gap.

The solar array could produce up to five megawatts of power, enough to supply all of the electrical needs of the building.

“Our company is into self-sustainability,” said David Ziel, chief development officer.

“The building will operate solely on solar-generated power.”

Later in the week, a spokesman for the Philadelphia-based retailer softened Ziel’s comments.

The spokesman said the firm has yet to decide whether to go solar here and, if so, how potent and expensive that installation would be.

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