Parkesburg traffic stop nabs man wanted in Exton Walmart thefts

Walmart exteriorcropped

PARKESBURG — A 23-year-old man wanted for allegedly stealing from the Exton Walmart was arrested Wednesday following a traffic stop, according to the West Whiteland Police Department.

Police said Samuel Sizemore Jr., of Kinzers, was arrested after a surveillance operation in Lancaster County resulted in a traffic stop in Parkesburg. Samuel Sizemore Sr., who was driving the car, was also arrested on an outstanding warrant from Lancaster, police said.

According to police, Sizemore Jr. and 22-year-old Tyler Jones of Coatesville on June 23 walked out of the store with $472 worth of unpaid merchandise. They later returned $173 worth of merchandise for store credit. The next day the two returned and walked out of the store with about $290 worth of unpaid merchandise, according to investigators.

On June 25 the two men visited the store for the third time in three days, according to police. It was one visit too many, as store employees identified the men while they were attempting to return more merchandise for store credit, police said.

Jones was arrested at the store, but investigators were unable to locate Sizemore until Wednesday. Sizemore Jr. was unable to post bail and was transported to Chester County Prison pending a July 22, 2013 preliminary hearing.

Sizemore Sr. was turned over to the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office and returned to Lancaster County.

Parkesburg police assisted West Whiteland police with the traffic stop and arrest.

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4 responses to “Parkesburg traffic stop nabs man wanted in Exton Walmart thefts

  1. The real story here is the ease these guys walked out of Walmart with $760 worth of stuff!!

  2. I was in Walmart a couple weeks ago and 2 woman were walking around the store trying to sell a gift card for cash so they could have gas money. My girlfriend gave the 2 woman cash out of her pocket (no more than 15 or 20 bucks) in case they couldn’t sell the card for half the price it was worth. Makes me wonder now about the store credit thing considering they could have done the same thing as these guys did. They had a baby with them, and we thought it was best to help them out.

  3. Have you tried to use the card?? I’ve seen them steal gift cards and then sell them and they are worthless. Just FYI

  4. We didn’t buy the card from them, we gave them money for gas and said to keep the card.

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