Lawrence Offers Statement on 2013-14 State Budget (Press Release)


HARRISBURG – Rep. John Lawrence (R-West Grove) issued the following statement after Sunday’s passage of the 2013-14 state budget in the House of Representatives. Lawrence voted in favor of the balanced $28.4 billion spending plan, which does not raise state taxes. The budget was approved on time for the third consecutive year.

“I was a yes vote on this year’s budget, which prioritizes spending on education, public safety, and agriculture. As a fiscal steward of the taxpayer’s hard-earned dollars, I fought hard to ensure that this year’s budget was balanced, included no new borrowing, and did not hike the sales or the income tax. The people of Pennsylvania do not need to see higher state taxes, particularly while we have not seen movement on legislation to address out-of-control school property taxes.

“Under this budget, education will receive a record $10 billion in total state funding, with an increase of $122 million for basic education. In addition, Lincoln University will receive an additional $2 million, which is a 17.9 percent increase over the 2012-13 fiscal year. I worked very hard with Dr. Robert Jennings, President of Lincoln University, to bring this additional funding to Lincoln. Both the students of Lincoln and the greater Oxford community will benefit from these additional funds.

“In addition, $20 million is being dedicated to help reduce the waiting list for services for people with intellectual disabilities, increased funding for the state police will result in nearly 300 additional state troopers, and more state dollars are being used to help pay down the state’s pension obligations. In fact, this year’s budget makes an historic investment in school teacher’s pensions, dedicating over $1 billion in state dollars to the Public School Employees Retirement System for the first time ever.

“No budget is perfect, but at the end of the day, this is a fiscally conservative budget that meets our state’s core responsibilities without additional state tax dollars.”


One response to “Lawrence Offers Statement on 2013-14 State Budget (Press Release)

  1. It is a sad joke to say this budget does not raise state taxes. When the state tax on gas goes into effect and the price per gallon we pay at the pump skyrockets the TRUTH about taxes will be very apparent. It is also a very sad day indeed when you prioritize corporate welfare over the welfare of “real” people and education. To say that there is no new borrowing is also false. This budget requires the Philadelphia school district to borrow against future revenues that may not even match the borrowing. Let’s not forget the state took over the school district of Philadelphia, so it is in fact the state borrowing this money in the name of Philly schools.
    It is good to see the payment to the pension system and this should be duly noted as a very positive sign. The attempt to bring down the waiting list for people with intellectual disabilities is also a good sign. As Rep. Lawrence said this is not a perfect budget, but it is on balance a good one I believe. I just think it is helpful to be more truthful about tax increases and borrowing and I believe much more could have been done by eliminating the $300,000,000 in corporate welfare.

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