UPDATE: Christiana man critically injured when hit by Amtrak train near Parkesburg

English: AmtrakParkesburg Station on the eastb...

The incident prompted a delay of about one hour and 40 minutes for the 34 passengers on the 640 Keystone line during the investigation, Schulz said.

No passengers or crewmembers were injured.

Amtrak spokesman Craig Schulz didn’t know if alcohol played a role in the 5:55 a.m. crash. A Facebook page for a Jason Whisman of Lancaster includes posts about drinking and his plans to walk to Parkesburg, apparently from around Christiana.

A mobile phone post that appeared to be from about 1:30 a.m. Friday said he was going to Parkesburg and was glad he had four 24-ounce beers. The post said he was going to Turkey Hill and a campfire.

That followed a post that said he hated walking tracks from Zion Hill to Parkesburg because there were too many memories.

Zion Hill Road runs near Christiana and Atglen.

Other recent posts refer to being upset over the January death of a woman he said he loved.

The train continued on to New York. Passengers waiting in Philadelphia for it were put on another train.

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