Octorara names Elena Wilson as Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Octorara School District EmbleThe Octorara Area School District has named Elena Wilson, former elementary principal, director of curriculum and instruction for the 2013-14 school year, while keeping its administrative roster to 14 staff.

Superintendent Tom Newcome, the district’s chief executive, said Wilson will handle curriculum development, instructional practice and supervision, new teacher induction, comprehensive curriculum planning, the Learning Focus Schools Framework and a teacher evaluation system.

Christian Haller will now be principal for students in grades three to six as well as operation of the elementary and intermediate schools, with Brian Dikun assistant principal in charge of school climate and discipline for students in grades three through six.

Lisa McNamara will continue as principal of the Octorara Primary Learning Center for students in grades K through two, with responsibility for building operations. Kathryn Michalowski is director of special education services.

Dan Carsley will continue as business administrator with responsibility for the business office, facility oversight and transportation. Kim McCully will continue as accounting supervisor and director of human resources.

Newcome said the district has steadily consolidated administrative duties since 1996. The jobs performed by Carsley and McCully were formerly handled by four people, and five people formerly filled the four secondary administrative jobs.

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