Press Release: Octorara Announces Dr Newcome to Resign Effective June 30th

by Octorara Board of School Directors

NewcomeOver the course of the past several years the Board Directors have been working on contract language for all employee contracts. Additionally, the Board Directors have been looking at when contracts are set to expire and are working to assure that key leadership positions are not set to expire as the same time. Last year, at a time when we thought Dr. Newcome may be leaving the District we spent a considerable amount of time reviewing his contract. Since ultimately Dr. Newcome remained with the District and because his present contract is due to expire in conjunction with other key contracts, the Board Directors began discussions with Dr. Newcome last fall to revise and extend his contract. In January the Board Directors and Dr. Newcome arrived at a tentative contract agreement. Based on the recommendation of legal counsel the Board Directors waited until this time to bring the contract forward. The process of extending a contract for a commissioned officer requires a resignation without qualification and the offer of a new contract. The desire of the Board Directors and Dr. Newcome was to extend a contract for another five year term. This required the action to wait until this time.

The new contract that the Board Directors are offering Dr. Newcome includes language required by Act 82 which addresses termination and resignation. This language was missing from the previous contract. The new language provides protection for both the district and Dr. Newcome. The contract will be in effect for the time period of July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2018. Most of the contract will look similar to the present contract with the exception of salary. Dr. Newcome was scheduled to earn $146,000 during the 2014-2015 school year – the final year of his present contract. In the newly negotiated deal Dr. Newcome will earn $142,000 during the final year of the contract, 2017-2018. In other words, he has agreed to take an immediate reduction in salary based on contract to contract dollars of $8,200 and has agreed to a final salary of $4,000 less than what was originally called for in his present contract.

Dr. Newcome’s willingness to make these salary concessions is reflective of his understanding of the financial situation in the school district.

The Board unanimously supports Dr. Newcome and his leadership of the Octorara Area School District. During his tenure the District has regained financial solvency returning from negative fund balances to a sustainable operating budget. He accomplished this by creatively working to reduce operational cost while maintaining high standards. These high standards are evident in the Districts’s overall success in the State assessment program, in the increase number of students that take Advanced Placement courses and other college credit classes, in the number of students – almost double – taking quality Career and Technology Education classes, in the success of our students with special needs, and in many other ways. We acknowledge we still have areas of needed improvement but we are moving ahead and look forward to Dr. Newcome’s continuing leadership.

Two items will be placed on the agenda for next Monday. The first will be Dr. Newcome’s resignation effective June 30, 2013. The second item will be the Board Director’s approval of a new five year contract for Dr. Newcome effective July 1, 2013.


11 responses to “Press Release: Octorara Announces Dr Newcome to Resign Effective June 30th

  1. Excellent news post Tim!

  2. Misleading title Tim. That is bad journalism.

    • That being said, excellent news.

    • Well, you know, the headline was taken directly from the press release. I’m really shocked how certain people have reacted to it, but it is what it is.

      • Mr. Alexander keep up the good work. Also the awarding of the resent security needs to be investigated.

        • I don’t think an investigation will prove anything, but we can always state our outrage with the boards decision at the next meeting this Monday coming up.

          The bid was granted to a Pete Mango who may have had the inside scoop on the requirements if there are any in my opinion, and my main concern is that his company is based out of Delaware not Parkesburg so how would his bid for a local company even be considered?

          I’m shocked that Brian Norris, and Lisa Bowman changed their minds for the security at the last minute as well because they didn’t vote for it the first time around from what I gather, so why all of the sudden did they change their minds?

  3. martin walker

    Tim; Three times within a month Ken has taken your headline and ran with it. Personally most of his story line sucks when he throws your name in the mix sparks fly. Unfortunately the headline is not true one has to look back and see exactly what has transpired over Newome’s reign. Schools that never should have been built ,65% tax increases some will say he doesn’t vote .I say he has a hugh impact on on the entire vote process . I can remember him saying any tax increase is lost forever.

    • Yes Mr martin a 65% tax increase and no real increase in the nomber of srtudents in the student body in at least 20 Years.

  4. martin walker

    Sorry he said a vote against any tax increase is lost forever.

  5. Tim your news blog is the best thing this town has experienced for over 10 years!

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