Top Trending Headlines – May 2013

Whats Trending“Top Trending Headlines” is our monthly round-up of interesting and informative headlines from Parkesburg Gazette’s most read and/or commented articles.

Top Trending Headlines – May 2013

  1. Parkesburg’s Primary Election Results 2013
    In a primary election in which few races had any opposition, and some offices with no candidates, Parkesburg voters selected incumbent Republicans to be on the November ballot […]
  2. Christiana police start issuing citations in Atglen
    The Christiana Borough Police Department started patrolling Atglen in mid-April and already 65 citations have been issued in that neighboring borough. […]
  3. Where is Parkesburg and Octorara’s Primary…
    The big question regarding the May 21st primary is where is the coverage? From the large news sources to local news blogs, there is an almost media blackout regarding Parkesburg and Octorara […]
  4. Parkesburg Real Estate Market Watch
    Parkesburg Gazzette rolls out a new column this morning focused exclusively on Parkesburg real estate market. Parkesburg Real Estate Market Watch, written by Parkesburg resident Timothy […]
  5. 3 hurt in apparent explosion at Coatesville steel plant
    An apparent explosion at a Coatesville steel plant has left three people injured. It happened around 10 p.m. Thursday at the Arcelor-Mittal plant in Coatesville, in Chester County. Investigators […]
  6. 13 Chester County high schools win Newsweek award
    Attention to academic excellence and rigor from area students was rewarded recently as 13 Chester County high schools were named to Newsweek Magazine’s America’s top 2000 high schools. […]
  7. Christiana Borough Police Department set to begin Atglen…
    As some readers may be aware, Atglen Borough chose to no longer contract with the Parkesburg Police Department after rates were raised. LancasterOnline has continuing coverage. […]
  8. Cochranville woman promotes water safety
    On May 26, 1988, Beverly Payton discovered what appeared to be a doll floating face-down in her neighbor’s pool in Bucks County. As she drew closer, she recognized first the blonde hair, and then […]
  9. Will There Be A ‘Mass Exodus’ Of Religious Groups From…
    Now that Boy Scout delegates have taken their long-awaited vote and permitted openly gay Scouts, will there be a mass exodus by religious groups? […]
  10. Parkesburg Farm
    15/52 Sparse, a photo by J.C. Mercurio on Flickr.

2 responses to “Top Trending Headlines – May 2013

  1. Hi Tim. What is the comparison of new home sales in Parkesburg for this year compared to 2012 or 2011?

    • I ran reports of settled NewCon properties in TREND for each time period. They showed 8 properties in 2011, 3 properties in 2012, and 0 currently for 2013. TREND reports total sales (combined new and resale) in the borough were 31 in 2011, 39 in 2012, and currently 21 YTD for 2013. The numbers provided by TREND MLS are deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

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