Where is Parkesburg and Octorara’s Primary Election Coverage?

The big question regarding the May 21st primary is where is the coverage? From the large news sources to local news blogs, there is an almost media blackout regarding Parkesburg and Octorara Area primaries… not even the borough’s local events, nor the school district’s calendars note the day.

The serious lack of coverage could be the fact that many Parkesburg and Octorara Area primary results could be called before the first vote is even cast. A suspicious person could start to believe there is a conspiracy of silence, hoping the day passes unnoticed. Honest elections need citizen participation, government behind closed doors can easily be corrupted.

Sample ballots for Parkeburg:

Magisterial District Judge

  • Nancy A. Gill: incumbent running unopposed on both Republican and Democrat ballots.


  • John P. Hagan: incumbent running unopposed for Democrat nomination.
  • Joseph Rzonca: running unopposed for Republican nomination.

Council (four seats in this election)

Republican Ballot, all incumbents running unopposed

  • Kathleen M Rick
  • Mark Agan
  • Joseph Dynesko
  • Willard Marsh

Democratic Ballot

  • None, Nada, Zip, Zero, Zilch

School Director, Octorara Region 3 (includes Parkesburg-South, two seats)

  • Nelson Stoltzfus: incumbent running on both Republican & Democratic ballots.
  • Timothy Alexander: running on both Republican & Democratic ballots.
  • Frank Dangelo: running for Republican nomination only.

Inspector of Elections

  • Gale Fulmer (Parkesburg-South): running unopposed for Democrat nomination.

Tax Collector

  • None, Nada, Zip, Zero, Zilch

Judge of Elections

  • None, Nada, Zip, Zero, Zilch

It is not too late to get more faces in this election, and greater participation. This is only the Primary. Last minute, write-in candidates can find it fairly easy to get their party’s nomination in certain races.

Keep in mind, Chester County Voter Services does not permit the use of stickers (stamps, etc.) for a write-in campaign.  Election code requires the elector must write the name of any person not already printed on the ballot, and such written insertions shall count as a vote for that person for the specific office.

Voter Services recommends write-in candidates hand out palm cards with their name clearly printed on them and ask the voter to copy the candidate name onto the paper ballot on the line provided for write-in candidates.  Poll workers will instruct voters to use the pen provided in the voting booth to mark their ballot.

If you have questions or need more information about write-in votes, please call Voter Services at 610-344-6410.

Polls will be open May 21, 2013 from 7:00AM to 8:00PM.


One response to “Where is Parkesburg and Octorara’s Primary Election Coverage?

  1. I was hoping to inspire some people and show them it can be done. I made some sacrifices, and took a lot of heat so far, but I have impressed my family, friends, and neighbors. My initial goal was to get my name put on the ballot, and it feels good to know that the election has come this far.

    We need more people to step in and run for these positions if they want to contribute something to the town. The experience of running for office was definitely a good one for me, and I met a lot of good people in town, especially the small business owners.

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