Christiana police start issuing citations in Atglen

The Christiana Borough Police Department started patrolling Atglen in mid-April and already 65 citations have been issued in that neighboring borough.

Police Department Chief Richard Finfrock reported during a council meeting Tuesday, May 7, that things have been going well in the new territory as officers get to know the area.

“It’s going good, they’ve been able to stop and talk to the residents. We are patrolling every street we can get into,” Finfrock said. “We cruise through to make sure everything is OK, check the parks and the two playgrounds they have.”

Related to the Police Department, a resolution was approved to hire Courteney A DeLaney and John Hall as the borough’s newest part-time officers.

“Both have been vetted by the chief and by the safety committee. We know who they are and we think they would make good police officers,” Council President Robin Coffroth said.

In another matter, council members discussed the need to replace some of the banners in downtown Christiana that have the slogan, “Freedom Began Here,” referencing the 1851 Christiana Resistance.

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20 responses to “Christiana police start issuing citations in Atglen

  1. Now that Sadsbury Township is negotiating with Christiana for police coverage, maybe Parkesburg should too.

  2. Parkesburg had its chance David, and they lost the contract. If we get a new Mayor this next election things will be different for sure. The rudeness of our police force has driven out people who came to spend money at our local small businesses, and yes I have proof of that. I also think the borough has a few people who are not qualified for the positions they are in for example Lester Thomas “aka” James Thomas who was our police chief years ago, but was fired for his unprofessional actions.

    The borough needs good people in office and not slum lords who just want to make money off the tax payer in my opinion.

    The State street bridge project, which was so well covered on Parkesburg today may be investigated, and the money used in that project could have been used for the road repairs in town. It is obvious to me and several hundred others that you, Lester, Mel, and the Mayor all acted in bad faith which hurt the town in my opinion.

    Mr. Knickerboker is trying to boost up the moral of the town making it more appealing to the untrained eye which is fine, but unfortunately for him, we know he is full of false information. The motives are unclear, and the borough council needs transparency. You have not shown us any remedies nor has Ken! Mr. Knickerbocker should try to find solutions for problem instead of bashing citizens who have and will find solutions. I would have met with you years ago to talk about the issues regarding Parkesburgs finances, but I uncovered a problem with your actions regarding the tarp funds we received to remove the bridge abutments that were such and eye sore to everyone. We should look and see who really profited from that whole venture.

    If you want to see who the real snakes in the grass are, perhaps we should look at the new projects in town and see who will gain from that. I heard that Kathy Rick (the president of the borough council) has created a position for civil service hiring and firing as well, but it is the Mayor who is in charge of the civil jobs for example the police officers. The Mayor is the executive officer over the entire police department, which means he could fire the extra cops we have that are not needed for such a small town. The tax payers are paying for their insurance. The numbers from the borough are always off balanced which to me and every other person with common sense would conclude that the borough has no idea how to budget anything from what I have seen.

    We need new people in office to fix what the old style council has messed up because they don’t have a clue how to do their jobs. Whether I am elected to office or not, paper work is going to be filed to investigate some of the pushed projects. I think we need an external investigation before we proceed with any more financial planning in my opinion. I personally know of a few people who want to open businesses in Parkesburg to help revitalize our small economy, but they are skeptical of our borough council members and the borough manager.

    • You obviously haven’t done any real homework since you somehow missed the fact that I was actually OUT of office by the time any TARP funds came to Parkesburg. The money spent on West Bridge Street was also spent years before I even moved back to town in 2002. Anyone who thinks the Mayor has the power to fire a police officer is living in a dream world for sure. The police have a union and discretionary firing is not possible or advisable. I certainly don’t think that a person who has posted video of himself on the internet engaged in illegal activity is the answer for Parkesburg and it will be interesting to see how that plays between now and November. As far as threats of an investigation, anybody that wants to waste their money on that kind of foolishness is welcome. The yearly external audits of the borough will quickly squelch any allegations. You may be right that some people at some time during the past 30 years may have made some bad decisions, but be very careful how you slander people before you get any facts and make absolutely sure that you have FACTS! So far, you don’t even have the right people in office at the time of your allegations and you don’t have a clue about the powers of the Mayor.

  3. I wonder who you think will be paying to defend the borough against false accusations? The Borough has had a civil service commission for decades, this is nothing new. Before you call people slum lords maybe you ought to post a picture of your own house and see what people think about it. Is that “your” vision for the future of Parkesburg. Also, before you make allegations about individuals profiting from projects in town, maybe you ought to get a better understanding of how these monies are actually managed and every single dime accounted for by multiple agencies. What was your motivation for getting involved in the borough? Some think it was because you hoped to sell your property as part of the train station reconstruction. You weren’t able to profit so far so now you want to allege someone else has? Unless something has changed very dramatically that I’m not aware of, the Mayor actually has to work with the Borough Council. If by some quirk of fate you were to be elected good luck with that after calling people snakes and making lots of other false allegations. I have nothing against you personally and I truly hope some young people will step up and try to improve the borough in the future, but you are going about it all wrong and you don’t have even a minimal understanding about the duties of the job you seek or the responsibilities of the council and how the Mayor and council have to work as a team.

    • You know David, my big frustration with this primary in the serious lack of participation. No matter what anyone thinks about the individual candidates running, not enough citizens are engaged. Why do you think that is?

      For me, stepping onto the political sphere has created opinions that are not the most positive.

      I’m not saying anyone running is a bad person, or any person has devious motives. However, political power within this area is concentrated in too few hands.

      Because so few people run for these office, office holders don’t need to listed to are not average citizens and taxpayers. At the end of the day, there is a true lack of accountability for poor decisions.

      The bridge project is a perfect example. It seems to me most people are upset with the tax hike this caused, and the only people defending it are those somehow associated with borough hall, or the police and fire departments. I’m fairly certain if it was put to the voters, as a referendum item, it would not have passed.

      The over-building of the Octorara campus is similar issue. A 2003 report projected a massive enrollment increase over 10 years. By 2006, before the housing crash, it seems the district recognized the report was inaccurate, and create the Octorara Area Development Commission so they didn’t have to change course. Between 2006 and the final vote on the High School renovation and expansion in Sept 2008, tax payers spoke out. However, in 2008, during the foreclosure crisis and world financial crash, the district voted to move forward… making debt one of the district’s biggest budget issues.

      The one thing I have been struggling with is why more people are not challenging incumbents. The opinion I have heard from some of the political class that citizens in this area are lazy and apathetic, more interested in American Idol than actual doing anything… and why when someone does speak up the attitude is an unwillingness to listen because they have not seen the person’s face at meetings for that past x-number of years… as if being a citizen is not enough to give a person a voice or right to an opinion.

      • Tim, I have been continuously heartened to see you stay on the high ground in your dialogue on local political topics. Having served, I can tell you it takes a lot of time and there are people always critical of your decisions and some who actually go so far as to allege you profited personally and other outrageous stuff. Who wants to step into that mess? A local fellow who has been running for Mayor for 2 years made allegations that I was motivated a year ago by wanting to run for Mayor. Of course, I pointed out he was wrong and I had no intention, but he continues to make false allegations and in this one from a year ago does he even admit he was totally wrong and off base? No. He’s made allegation about my involvement with Tarp money and I was out of office before any Tarp money came in. These are some of the outrageous things that happen and you have unfortunately begun to feel the sting of criticism before you’re even past the primary. When I served for 4 years I can’t tell you how many times I looked out on an empty hall during meetings. You say that you think the bridge wouldn’t pass a referendum, but where’s the outrage if that is true? Most people don’t even know how the bridge project got to this point and where it is going, if anywhere, in the future. People have a vision of the future of the borough and some act upon it by running and holding office. I applaud you for your efforts Tim, honestly. Too many people have really unwarranted opinions about people and their intentions. It’s one thing to criticize a decision, it’s something totally different to allege a decision was made for personal gain or greed when there is absolutely no truth to those allegations. Similarly, other public officials have been slandered. Mr. Thomas who works very hard for the borough comes under continuous criticism from people who don’t really understand his job or contract. It is so beyond saying he doesn’t have the credentials for the job when he has in fact held the job for 7 years, through numerous elections and changes to the council that could have removed him if that felt that was any warranted reason to do so. On a larger scale politics have become some aggressive and polarizing who wants to be a part of that? My Great Grandfather started the business that is now Rocco and Anna’s in 1866. He was a Burgess of the town and a County Commissioner. My Grandfather was Burgess of Parkesburg and the first Mayor. For anyone to even think, let alone allege that I would willing and knowingly do ANYTHING against the best interest of the town is ludicrous and offensive. We have had a one party council for a couple years now and there is not one Democrat willing to oppose. What does that mean? I don’t know. I do think it’s important for anyone running for office to have a full understanding of what the job entails and what the duties are. I offered to help a younger person with that over a year ago. He responded with expletives and told me to move out of town. I hope that’s not the future you support Tim.

        • David,

          Perception, whether factual or not, becomes truth. Both the school board and council have a very bad image. Whether they don’t know that, or they dismiss it, it is because accountability seems to stop with the local political class. There are people who will win these elections because they got signatures on a petition thru their networks, and that was all they needed to do.

          While I’m sure most would agree in principle we need a more active citizenry, the situation seems to have spawned a serious lack of transparency and accountability. There is poor communication between local government and the people, and many decisions seems to be found out after the fact. Some would even say decisions are made long before they are even discussed at public meetings, and the attitude some put out there is if you want to know, then you need to come to every council, board, and committee meeting. That is an unreasonable expectation.

  4. David I believe Joey said STATE STREET BRIDGE NOT WEST BRIDGE STREET. Funny you are getting your facts wrong and they are in front of you on a computer screen. What I think is really funny is the fact that you are involved in the council there again and everyone was so glad when you left the first time because you screwed so much stuff up. You can tell me I am wrong but I have talked to members of the council who in fact told me this. I actually hadn’t heard your name before talking to them hearing the complaints. You say the council and the mayor are to work together, What’s funny is the fact that the council can’t even work together due to the fact they don’t like each other. What’s sad is you are all older and setting the example for the future generation in Parkesburg and personally I cringe at that thought. This is why I opted to take my kids out of town. Joey loves living in town being able to grow his garden and gradually fix up the house. Which by the way takes takes time and money.

    • So sorry you feel this way Christen, especially since you don’t seem to know too much other than vague references to people you talk to on council. As a proud Democrat and Liberal, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me or “like” me, even though that may hurt on an emotional level. I’m having a real hard time understanding what you mean by me being “involved” in council again? I haven’t been to a meeting in 2013 and have no intention of going. I haven’t had a conversation with anyone on council in at least 6 months. If any of them feel I messed things up or whatever you claim, then they certainly never said anything to me. Someday the youngsters who criticize the older generation will be the older generation and have some actual experience that the next generation may then criticize. Until then it might just be better for all if the younger generation tried to learn something from the older generation, if for no other reason than so they don’t repeat the mistakes they “believe” were made. If you are right and the council tells you they can’t work together because they don’t like each other, how does that effect your response to the same people telling you they don’t like me? Not everybody has to like each other, but the goal is always the good of the community. No matter who does or doesn’t like me on council, now or then, I believe we all (and today still) had the best interests of the borough at heart. Short of that, I don’t know what else you can truly expect. We raised 1 mill of tax in my 4 years on council. I truly hope someone comes along who can do a good job and find a way to lower taxes. They will have my full support. Mean time, no matter what you “hear” Christin, I am NOT involved in council in any way except offering my opinion in pages like this the same as you.

  5. Sorry David, but your accusations of me are not true, and very inaccurate. I’m not sure what your motives are here, but you better gets the facts real quick because false accusations is very serious, and so is cyber bullying.

  6. David, I said “STATE” street project not bridge street project.

    • I read what you said Joey. I was out of office before any Tarp money came in for “State” Street. You are really a funny guy you know that? You talk about getting facts straight and cyber bullying? After you use such expletives and tell me to move out of town and I’m a bully? My motivation was clear 2 years ago when I first heard your name and your interest in running for Mayor. I wanted to help you understand some of the borough workings and the duties of the office of Mayor and I wanted to learn about you and your ideas for the Borough. Your response isn’t fit to print. It’s clear from reading your posts even now that you still don’t understand the office of Mayor, the duties, responsibilities and what power you do and do not have as Mayor. My motivation has never changed. Whatever is best for the borough. If you become Mayor I wish you good luck and success because that is in the best interests of the borough. When I ran the Finance Committee I started every meeting by handing out a “complete” listing of all of the finances and activity associated with it. I believe in full disclosure and transparent government and that was my practice. It’s not about you Joey or me. It’s about the borough.

  7. I’m confused. I seem to recall Mr. Rzonca claiming on one of these blogs (maybe Parkesburgtoday) that he had moved out of Parkesburg and was going to let his house in the Borough go into foreclosure. (I imagine someone could find it in an older post.) How is he able to run for mayor when he (maybe) doesn’t even live in the Borough? Is he able to run for mayor even though he was seen on his internet video participating in illegal activity?

    Regarding Dave Jones, I remember when he was on Borough Council. He was instrumental in getting the financial books in order and in trying to keep taxes from going up.

  8. Maybe my comments earlier weren’t clear enough to follow. Sorry for any confusion. I dealt with both bridges in the same sentence and should have been clearer, obviously. There has been NO Tarp money spent on the West Bridge Street Bridge to date. I thought everyone knew that, so my reference to that project was just to clarify that I had no involvement in the half million that was spent on that project long before I moved back to town. The Tarp money that was received on State Street was after I left office. For anyone who doesn’t know how these projects work, the borough pays for work up front and then presents the “actual” bills to the state and feds for reimbursement. The borough took out a loan to “front” the monies for the work on the State Street Bridge. We held public hearings and I presented numerous explanations for the loan, the work and how the money would be received from the Tarp and the loan paid off. This action was put before council and approved unanimously. My term in office was concluded before the work started and before any money was spent or reimbursed. I had NO dealings of any kind with any of the transactions. Anyone who would have attended meetings in 2012 of the borough council would have been present to hear my passionately implore council to use the reimbursements to do what was intended and that was pay off the loan. There’s not enough space to go into all of the dealings, but it is absolutely wrong to think that any of this, either while I was in office or after I left, was done in anything but a public forum with full accountability and disclosure. Again, I read Joey’s post completely and I understood and answered relative to State Street. I apologize for confusing the issue by adding West Bridge to the discussion. I was doing that in regards to Tim’s reference to a referendum which I believe was focused on West Bridge.

  9. CAD to clear up your thoughts.
    I am glad you think I moved away, but I did not.
    Second making funny home videos is not a crime, and I have many people who will verify the many videos I made over the many years. Taking one video out of context does not make me guilty of anything except being a bad actor. So if your implying that actors can not run for office I think you better check the charter.

    What I do on my free time is my business, and David should not have said what he said about me earlier. These issues are the reasons why nobody runs for office because of people bashing on those who would be willing to fix any problems we face as tax payers.

    I have spoken to residents and they are not happy with the results of the council and most of them asked me to run for office. I reserve the right as a tax payer to ask questions and investigate issues concerning the town. David who is close friends with Mr. Knickerbocker never liked me from day one. He said I don’t like old people, when I said we need to get younger people in office instead of the old school people we have now. I have a friend who is actually my best friend and he is over 65 years old. His false claims are just propaganda tools to make Republicans look foolish. I really don’t care what he accuses me of, or what remarks he has towards my character. If he continues to make false accusations against me I will do what I have to in order to get him to stop.

    • If your video shows you “acting” like you are shooting BB’s at kids riding past your house and you are not “actually” shooting BB’s at kids than I apologize Joey. You are only guilty of very bad taste and that’s certainly not a crime. Please accept my sincere apology. No one, including me, wants to see you fail if you become Mayor. You are truly mistaken if you think anyone is trying to make Republicans look foolish. I sincerely hope you really don’t actually believe that one.

  10. Dave, our Great-Great Grandfather Sobescus Cromleigh founded the Hardware Store and tinning business in the building that is now Rocco & Anna’s in 1866. I only offer this clarification as adding the necessary extra generation makes us look less ….. seasoned. Best to you, Cuz!

  11. Point of clarification. There were references earlier to TARP monies and Parkesburg. I’d just like to clarify something. Unless I am really out to lunch (quite possible), TARP stands for Troubled Asset Relief Program. TARP has nothing to do with any municipal projects in Parkesburg or anywhere else. It is the vehicle Congress passed and the President signed to relieve “Financial Institutions” of their debt crisis in the wake of the Great Recession. In exchange for many of these “loans” the US government took stock in these financial institutions.

    The President’s initiative to jump start the economy in the wake of the crisis allocated huge amounts of money to go to states, counties, and municipalities for what were deemed “shovel ready” projects. The way these programs work, the government does not write you a check. You have to pay the money out as work is being completed so contractors are paid. Once the Borough has paid for actual completed work and has a bill of services and receipt for money paid, then the feds and/or state cut a check to the Borough to reimburse for expenses paid. These transactions are continuously audited on multiple levels. Some states, Florida for one, refused any of the stimulus money. In their case it was to enhance railroad projects in Florida. Once their Governor refused their share of the pie, the money was redistributed to the Northeast. This gave states like PA more funds to draw on than they would have had if Florida stayed in the program. If our projects associated with these funds ever move forward we will have benefited locally from states like Florida opting out.

  12. Oh man, how did I miss all of this?? I would just like to say that I wanted to understand where all of the money in Parkesburg went and that’s why I started going to the meetings. I wish we could all get along and work together but we can’t because borough council will lie to your face as soon as you walk in the door. They lied repeatedly to me and fortunately I have proof. I got tired of trying to make a difference, tired of offering to work on things (i.e, the mess on 4th Ave. ) FOR FREE!!! They don’t want my help even for free! And got attacked too??????? I’m coming back to the meetings and yes you should go to the committee meetings because that’s where all the real decisions are discussed. We went to all the borough meetings for over a year. That’s not a long time but boy my eyes were opened in that length of time. The council lies, the mayor lies, the police lie. I can’t comment on the TARP project because I don’t know anything about it. I would like to know where the money is sitting right now for the West Bridge Street Bridge Project ?? I wish more young people would get involved in the boro too. I BEGGED people to come!!! And when I asked Mel Keen why they don’t post ahead of time what the agenda is going to be for that month she said she didn’t know what the agenda was until the day of the meetings??? That’s bull and she knows it. About saying she and Kathy Rick never talked about Chuckie attacking me and my husband was also a lie. I know they did talk about it at the next committee meeting. To Joey I would like to say I know you want to make a difference but you have to be careful what you do in your private life if you want to run for public office. I could tell you plenty of stories of the current mayor’s past activities because I was there for some of them. But that’s not the point. John Hagan kept saying we need transparency but it doesn’t ever seem to happen. He got Jim’s email saying he wanted to talk to him and never got in touch. Dave I hope you decide to come back to the meetings too! I believe you are one of the very few people that really cares about Parkesburg as much as I do. I know how stressful it is, boy do I! But I want to know where my money is going ! Oh and if anyone does come to the meetings, make sure you bring a recorder cause you may need it one day!

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