Eighth-grader leads recycling effort at West Fallowfield Christian School

By West Fallowfield Christian School

Halle Becker, of Cochranville, recently completed her Girl Scout Silver Award by implementing a new recycling system at West Fallowfield Christian School. To earn the second-highest award in Girl Scouts, Halle had to complete a minimum of 50 hours of work.

Halle got the idea to change the recycling system at West Fallowfield because she wanted to work on a project that would help decrease the size of landfills and make the world a better place. She saw the need after seeing plastic bottles being thrown away along with trash after several pizza lunches at the school.

The eighth-grader spent hours organizing and planning a program that could be presented to a variety of students and faculty. Beginning with the preschool, Halle went into each classroom and taught a lesson especially designed for each age group.

In the classes, Halle talked about landfills and how they are made while also describing the number system on plastics and other things that can be recycled such as cans, metals, glass, bags, paper and cardboard. She also led students in a recycling game.

“The kids had an awesome time playing games and learning about recycling at the same time. It seemed as though what I taught them, they remembered. And it works!,” said Halle.

After all the teaching, Halle held a special chapel program for the whole school.

“I had a classmate, Kevin Hoopes, dress up in a huge recycle mascot costume and come out and dance for the kids. Then a group of students did a skit about proper recycling. At the end, the teachers come up on stage to play the recycle game that the kids had learned in their classrooms,” Halle said.

In addition, Halle provided the school with appropriate bins and cans to properly dispose of recyclable materials.

“Being in the Girl Scouts is pretty awesome,” Halle said. “You can travel and it provides an opportunity for girls my age to do big things for our communities that most people don’t think girls can do.”

She added: “I learned I have a lot more leadership skills than I thought. By learning this, I now know and feel more confident that I can stand up and take charge of any situation.”

The staff and teachers at West Fallowfield Christian School thanked Halle for her time and commitment in helping to make the world a better place.


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