Runners From Chester County, PA Club In Boston For Marathon

WEST CHESTER, PA – Nine members of the West Chester Running Company are in Boston. They finished the race on Monday and they are doing just fine.

But as you can imagine, that sense of worry for people back at home who were very concerned for their family members and friends there in Boston.

John Manion is one of the those nine runners.

He said most of the runners went with their wives and children, who all traveled to Boston to support their loved ones in the race.

Manion finished the race in about three hours, and about an hour later, he heard the explosions from his hotel – located just one block from the finish line.

He spoke to Eyewitness News over the phone about hearing the explosion and the feelings that followed.

“It was really incredibly loud and then 10 seconds later there was another one,” said Manion. “From the vantage point from the window you heard sirens within about two to three minutes, and then you could see all of the cops descending on the area.”

“Very quickly there were ambulances coming in from everywhere,” said Manion. “Boston Police then came in and said ‘we’ve got to get everybody back from the front, everyone away from the windows.’ It was not how I envisioned the day ending.”

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