Christiana Fire Company Fun Night

Block ShootThe Christiana Fire Company is holding a Community Fun Night, Saturday April 13, 2013. The event includes over $20,000 in cash and prizes, with a Black Shot Grand Prize of a 2013 Polaris Ranger. The event begins at 4pm.

Bring your family and friends; try you’re shooting skills. There will be a minimum of 20 qualifying rounds to shoot for prizes, and winners rounds will have a shoot off to get to one. Winners of each round will have a choice at 1 envelope out of 25 to pick from for the grand prize. If one do not get the grand prize, a $100 consolation prize plus what is in that envelope will be given.

Tickets are a $10 donation, and one must be at least 12 years old to purchase. Gun winners must be 18 years of age with photo ID and pass gun check. Chances will also be sold for 10 Gun Winchester Safes, with 7 items in it including a gun.

To purchase tickets e-mail or call Daryl Maser at 610-593-2142 or John Groff at 717-786-3774 or see any Fire Company member or Southern End Strutters member.

The Christiana Fire Company serves Christiana Borough, Atglen Borough and Sadsbury Township. They are located at 214 S Bridge Street, Christiana, Pennsylvania. Visit their website,, for more information.


6 responses to “Christiana Fire Company Fun Night

  1. I really like the layout to this site, particularly the categories across the top.

  2. What I love about this site compared to any ranting blog is that we can post comments that don’t get deleted. I also like how readers have come to this page for information regarding the school budget, and the borough matters, so they can get a clear transparent view on how things are really working with facts!

  3. Tim my family and I have been reading Parkesburg today news for years because no other paper was available. We really love the content here, and hope you keep it going. Parkesburg today is too political these days, and it looks like a ranting blog. I personally just want to read the news with facts, not that hear say stuff you get else where. Recently I read about Mr. Rzonca running for Mayor and Ken keeps bashing him, and it is very disturbing to see a grown man like Ken act this way. My conclusion for the attacks is because Mr. Rzonca is a Republican, and Ken is a Democrat, We don’t need this kind of news reporting we need information for the public to revitalize the town. Thank you for the news source and keep up the good fight with your school board position!

  4. I second what John said!

  5. A good news paper will bring people together, and a bad paper will not!

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