Free Week-long Camping & Environmental Learning Program For Teens

COATESVILLE — A free week-long camping and environmental learning program is being offered for teens in the Brandywine valley.

The Brandywine Health Foundation’s Coatesville Youth Initiative Brandywine Trek Project is accepting applications from students in grades 9th -12th from the Coatesville, Kennett and Octorara School Districts for the program.

Staff members of Brandywine believe the trek offers youths a life changing experience. Participants in the program, known as trekkers, will camp and travel, by foot, bicycle and canoe, from the Brandywine River’s headwaters near Honey Brook, along its path into Downingtown. Throughout the journey trekkers will learn about the science, culture, history and economics of the Brandywine River Valley, which is the source of drinking water for many people.

The Brandywine Trek offers a unique opportunity to the youths to “serve” their community and protect the environment while learning outdoor, camping, leadership development, team building and self-awareness skills.

“I am excited to take the students on the Brandywine Trek, as it will offer them the opportunity to have an experience outside their usual environment, to learn more about themselves, teens from their community and other communities, as well as learn more about the environment, and the impact they have on the environment,” said David Gregory, director of The Garage Community and Youth Center at Kennett Square.

Trekkers are provided with cameras and journals to record their experiences. Their recorded experiences will be the subject of a post-trek public exhibit. Trekkers will then become the spokespeople for the watershed, as they educate the public about the critical importance of the river and the need to protect it from abuse.

“The Trek will provide an opportunity for youth from the Octorara area to connect with their peers across Chester County, develop leadership skills, and learn critical lessons of ecological and watershed conservation,” said Adam Straubel, the development director of Parkesburg Point. “The opportunity is unprecedented in the region and will have a lasting impact in the lives of the youth participants.”

Read the full story:…brandywine-trek-for-youths-planned#full_story


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