County renews health insurance supplement plans

Chester County residents who find gaps in their health insurance or who have signed up for coverage in the Affordable Care Act will be able to augment their care under a county sponsored program.

Jeanne Casner, director of the Chester County Health Department, unveiled the launch of a discount health card at a meeting of the county commissioners in Parkesburg Wednesday.

“This is not health insurance,” Casner told the audience at the meeting, held at Borough Hall as part of the commissioners’ “On the Road” series of sessions outside the county seat of West Chester. “But it is a nice supplement to having health insurance or not having health insurance.”

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Octorara rejects $40,000 grant for armed security officer

AB17380Although the Octorara Area School District is one of only 36 in the state to be awarded a $40,000 safe schools grant to hire an armed security officer, the school board voted 5-4 not to accept the grant.

School board President Lisa Bowman, one of the no votes at the meeting on Monday, April 14, said saying no to the grant does not mean the district is saying no to hiring a security guard.

The proposed 2014-15 budget, to be voted on in June, includes funds to hire a subcontracted security officer. Superintendent Tom Newcome said he will initiate an online survey of district parents for more opinions about hiring an officer and whether the officer should be armed.

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